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Clock Service & Repair in Preston

We have been providing high quality Clock Service and Clock Repair services in Preston since 1952.

We are ready and waiting for your call whether you’re looking for advice or a Clock Service, Clock Repair or full restoration of a family heirloom, we would be pleased to hear from you today.

Clock Service and Clock Repair

All of our work is fully guaranteed and the least we do on any Clock is a Service and overhaul.

This comprises of the following stages:

  • Removing the movement from the case;
  • Disassembly of the movement;
  • Cleaning of the movement components;
  • Inspection for wear and damage of each and every component;
  • Repairs as necessary, based on the previous steps, with any required bushing and replacement of component springs;
  • Reassembly of the movement with testing and regulation outside of the case;
  • Case clean and refit of the movement along with testing to ensure accuracy and functionality;

Clock Restoration

We offer a full Clock Restoration Service for every discipline of restoration work that may be required. This includes movements, dials, porcelain dials, and cases along with silvering gilding and hand engraving so whether it’s a complete re-painting of a painted long case dial is necessary, or the sympathetic restoration of existing work, this sits perfectly within our expert capabilities.

We carry all work out in-house with our highly skilled and fully trained specialist team in antiquarian Horology, whilst understanding the original style and appearance of your clock we make sure the period integrity of your clock is preserved by only using traditional period materials and techniques, thus ensuring it is accurately restored to its former original glory.

How we work

Once instructed we will make an appointment to come out and collect your clock from your address. 

When your Clock arrives at the workshop, we will inspect the Clock fully and then provide you with a detailed condition report along with a fixed price costing for the required work on your Clock, including an estimated timescale for the completion of the work.

This is a free service and without obligation. If you do not wish to proceed we will return the Clock to you with no charges.

If you wish to proceed at this point, we will ask for 50% of the cost on instruction and the remaining balance when the work on your Clock has been completed.

We then make an appointment to deliver and set up your clock, on delivery we also explain and advise the best way to operate and care for you clock going forward, along with a printed copy of operation and care instructions for your clock.  

Turnaround times vary on Clock Service and Clock Repair work but typically takes around 6-8 weeks.

Clocks we work with and Clocks we don’t

Here at The Clock Repair Shop, we specialise in most mechanical Antique Clocks. We also repair and service quality modern mechanical Clocks such as:

  • Longcase Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Floor Clocks, and Regulators;
  • Bracket Clocks, Mantle Clocks, and Carriage Clocks;
  • Wall Clocks, Vienna Clocks, and Wall Regulators;
  • Atmos Clocks;

We will replace glass or carry out a minor repair, dial restoration, silvering or gilding if required but this is only if we are servicing or overhauling your clock at the same time.

We are sorry, but we do not do:

  • Anniversary Clocks;
  • Cuckoo Clocks;
  • Flipcard Clocks;
  • Quartz or Mains powered Clocks;
  • Watches;

We would also be unable to supply parts only.

Brands of Clocks we Service, Repair, and Restore in Preston

We service, repair, and restore the following Brand of Clock. Please feel free to contact us by making an inquiry if we do not list your specific type of Clock and we may be able to assist with your requirements.

  • Comitti
  • Kieninger
  • Howard Miller
  • Hermle
  • Matthew Norman
  • Jaeger-le-Coultre and more!

Types of Clocks we Service, Repair, and Restore in Preston

We service, repair, and restore the following Types of Clock. Please feel free to contact us by making an inquiry if we do not list your specific type of Clock and we may be able to assist with your requirements.

  • Longcase Clocks
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Floor Clocks
  • Regulator Clocks
  • Bracket Clocks
  • Mantle Clocks
  • Carriage Clocks
  • Wall Clocks
  • Vienna Clocks
  • Wall Regulator Clocks
  • Table Clocks
  • Fusse Clocks
  • School Clocks
  • Lantern Clocks
  • Ship Clocks

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Clock Makers of Lancashire

We’ve curated a list of all of the historic and current Clock Makers in Lancashire. Use this to help you identify the provenance of your beloved Clock. Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this list and we will be sure to assist you.

Agar, John of Bolton, Lancashire

Agar, Thomas and Mary & Sons, Bury, Lancashire

Ainsworth of Liverpool, Lancashire

Ainsworth, Joseph of Blackburn, Lancashire.

Aitchison, William of Salford, Manchester, Lancashire.

Angus, William (& Sons) of Liverpool, Lancashire

Armstrong, Thomas of Adelaide, Lancashire – see Armstrong, Thomas of Hawkshead, Milnethorpe, Lancaster, Warton and Kendal

Ashcroft of Cheshire and Lancashire

Bailey, W. H. & Co of Salford, Manchester, Lancashire

Bamber, Abraham of Preston, Lancashire

Barlow, Benjamin of Ashton & Oldham, Lancashire

Barton, Henry of Preston

Basnett/Bassnett, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Beaver, Louis of Manchester, Lancashire

Beaver, Marcus of Manchester, Lancashire

Beesley, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Beesley, James of Manchester, Lancashire

Beesley, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Beesley, Richard and George of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bellman, William of Broughton-in-Furness, Lancashire and Kendal

Bennett/Bennet, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bernstein, Harris of Manchester, Lancashire

Berrington, James of Bolton or Bolton-le-Moors and St Helens, Lancashire

Berrington, John Johnson of Bolton or Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire

Bibby, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Billinge family of Liverpool, Lancashire

Blackhurst, G. of Warrington, Lancashire

Bold, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bott, Frederick of Liverpool, Lancashire

Brackenridge, Robert of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bradley, James Gibson of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bradshaw, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Bradshaw, William of Blackburn, Lancashire

Braithwaite, William of Hawkshead, Lancashire

Brindle of Lancashire

Brindle, Ralph of Liverpool, Lancashire

Brown, Brothers of Chester, Lancashire

Brown, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Brown, Thomas of Manchester, Lancashire

Brown, William of Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire

Brownbill, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Brownbill, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Browne William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Browne, Jermiah of Liverpool, Lancashire

Burton of Ulverston, Lancashire

Butterfield, John of Toddmorden, Lancashire

Butterworth, Samuel of Rochdale, Lancashire

Byrne/ Bryne, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Caltenbach, Carl of Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire

Cammack, Robert & Son of Ormskirk and Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Carter, J of Liverpool, Lancashire

Cawson, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Clayton, Henry A. of Blackburn, Lancashire

Clifton, John Of Liverpool, Lancashire

Collier, David of Eccles/Etchells, Gatley and Stockport, Lancashire

Collier, John of Gatley and Cheadle, Lancashire

Collier, Samuel of Gatley and Eccles/Etchells, Lancashire

Collier, Thomas of Eccles, Lancashire

Condliff, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Cooper, Edward of Manchester, Lancashire

Coppel(l), Zallel of Liverpool, Lancashire

Costen, Adam of Kirkham, Lancashire

Costen, William of Kirkham, Lancashire

Cresswell, Edmund of Manchester, Lancashire

Daniel(s), Henry & John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Davies or Davis, George of Todmorden, Lancashire

Dean. Richard of Leigh, Lancashire

Dean. Thomas of Leigh, Lancashire

Dickinson, John Henry of Burnley, Lancashire

Donkin/Donking, Gerard of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dumbell, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dumbell, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dumbell, William H. of Liverpool, Lancashire

Dwerryhouse, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Esplin of Wigan, Lancashire

Etches, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Evans, Thomas Percy of Anfield, Liverpool, Lancashire

Evans, William T of Haslingden and Darwen, Lancashire

Ewart, Charles M. Liverpool, Lancashire

Fairhurst, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Falk, David of Manchester, Lancashire

Farnworth of Wigan, Lancashire

Farnworth, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Farnworth, Thomas of Wigan and Horwich, Lancashire

Fearnley or Fernly, Peter of Wigan, Lancashire

Finklestone and Price of Manchester, Lancashire

Finney, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

Fisher, Richard of Liverpool, Lancashire

Fitton, James of Heywood, Lancashire

Fitzer, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Fogg, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Forber, Edward of Liverpool, Lancashire

Forber, Joshua of Liverpool, Lancashire

Foster, Henry of Liverpool, Lancashire

Foster, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

France, Richard of Warrington, Lancashire

Garner, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Gerrard, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Green, William of Prescot, Lancashire

Green, William of Wigan, Lancashire

Grice, Job of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Grundy, John of Whalley, Lancashire

Hadwen, Isaac of Liverpool and Ormskirk, Lancashire

Hargreaves, J & Co, or Joseph John, or J & J, of Liverpool, Lancashire

Harris, Charles of Liverpool, Lancashire

Harrison, John and Henry W. of Liverpool, Lancashire

Heap, John of Burnley, Lancashire

Heckle, Henry Harrison of Liverpool, Lancashire

Helsby, Mark of St. Helens, Lancashire

Helsby, Thomas and Sons of Liverpool, Lancashire

Hiatt, Henry of Prescott and Liverpool, Lancashire

Hill, Charles of Preston, Lancashire

Hird, Henry of Ulverston, Lancashire

Hoffenberg, B. of Manchester, Lancashire

Hollison, Alexander of Liverpool, Lancashire

Hornby, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Houghton, Edmond of Accrington and Lytham St. Anne’s Lancashire

Houghton, James of Ormskirk and Liverpool, Lancashire

Houghton, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Howard, Thomas of Liverpool, Lancashire

Hulse, Robert of Bury, Lancashire

Inman of Liverpool, Lancashire

Jackson, Abraham of Liverpool, Lancashire

Johnson, John of Preston, Lancashire

Johnstone, James of Liverpool, Lancashire

Jones, Charles & Vaughan, Charles of Liverpool, Lancashire

Jones, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Kaps, Richard of Liverpool, Lancashire

Kellett Family of Bredbury, Manchester, Lancashire

Kent, John of Manchester, Lancashire

Kent, William Worsley of Manchester, Lancashire

Kenyon, Walter of Liverpool, Lancashire

Knowles, George of Manchester, Lancashire

Lacker, Michael of Manchester, Lancashire

Lancashire Watch Company

Law, John Dudley of Salford, Lancashire

Lawson, Robert of Leigh, Lancashire

Lawson, William Low of Liverpool, Lancashire

Lecomber, John of Liverpool Lancashire and London

Lee, Henry of Bolton, Lancashire

Leigh, William of Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire

Lichtenstein of Manchester, Lancashire

Liddel, (Liddell, Liddle), Edwin of Stockton and South Bank, Lancashire

Litherland, John of Warrington, Lancashire

Martlew, Richard of Ormskirk, Lancashire

McFerran, William of Manchester, Lancashire

McMillan, Daniel of Kirkdale and Liverpool, Lancashire

McMinn, John of Manchester, Lancashire

Milner, Thomas of Wigan, Lancashire

Moevius, Emil of Liverpool, Lancashire

Morath, Fedele & Brothers of Liverpool, Lancashire

Newton, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

O’Connor, Timothy of Manchester, Salford and Weaste Lancashire

Oldfield, Robert C. of Liverpool, Lancashire

Park(e)s, John of Prescot and Liverpool, Lancashire

Park, James of Preston, Lancashire

Pennington, Joseph of Liverpool, Lancashire

Pickford, Richard of Liverpool, Lancashire

Prescott, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Price, Edward of Liverpool, Lancashire

Probert James of Wigan, Lancashire

Quilliam, Samuel ( and Sons) of Liverpool, Lancashire

Robinson, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Rothwell, John of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Royle and Rawson of Wigan, Lancashire

Russell, Thomas of Lancaster, Lancashire

Sagar, James of Blackburn, Lancashire

Sagar, Robert Holgate of Blackburn, Lancashire

Scanlan, Robert of Preston, Lancashire

Seddon, William of Manchester, Lancashire

Segar/Seagar John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Shepley, John of Stockport, Lancashire

Simcock, William, of Warrington, Lancashire

Simpson, Jonathan Wortley of Preston, Lancashire

Slater, James of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Spears, Frederick of Liverpool, Lancashire

Spencer, Thomas of Manchester, Lancashire

Standring, Jeremiah of Bolton, Lancashire

Stones, George of Blackburn, Lancashire

Tarleton, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Taylor, John Daniel of Liverpool, Lancashire

Taylor, John and Edmund of Rochdale, Lancashire

Taylor, John of Rochdale, Lancashire

Taylor, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Tinsley, James of Leigh, Lancashire

Travers, Samuel Holt of Rainhill, Lancashire

Twist, Joseph of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Waddell, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Wainwright, John of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Walker, William of Liverpool & St. Helens, Lancashire

Waller, Thomas of Preston, Lancashire

Walshaw, Robert of Liverpool, Lancashire

Warburton, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Warmisham, John of Manchester, Lancashire

White, Henry of Manchester, Lancashire

Whittle, John Woodfine of Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire

Whitworth, J of Lussley, Lancashire

Wiggan, Holmes of Colne, Lancashire

Wignall family of Ormskirk, Lancashire

Wilson, George F. of Huyton Lancashire

Winstanley, Robert of Golborne, Lancashire

Wise, Emanuel of Manchester, Lancashire

Wood, James of Stoke on Trent, Stafforshire, Oldham, Lancashire

Wood, Joseph of Bury, Lancashire

Wood, William of Liverpool, Lancashire

Woodfine, Robert of Liverpool, Lancashire

Wright, John of Liverpool, Lancashire

Yates, Thomas of Preston, Lancashire

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